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Oct 29, 2011 Located in thriving Downtown Miami, Grand Central is a versatile and unique event and party space. This midsize liveperformance venue has a killer light show and sound system ideal for rocking out to any major event, festival, or band.Sep 29, 2015 Grand Central was the subject of a 1978 U. S. Supreme Court decision upholding the city's landmark preservation law, which permitted the terminal's owner at the time to generate a reasonable return on its investment. grand central miami owner

Jan 20, 2012  The Grand Central owner concedes that he fell months behind schedule on opening the park, but says a sluggish city bureaucracy is to blame. I hope that Grand Central Miami

Grand Central is Downtown Miami's most versatile contemporary event space. This midsize liveperformance venue has a killer light show and sound system. Grand Central, downtown Miamis welltrafficked club of a certain brand of indie music reverie, will close its doors for good on Saturday, Sept. 26. Aramis Lorie, coowner of Grand Central and cofounder of events promotion company Poplife, says he planned to close thegrand central miami owner Rouge has established itself as a social hotspot and has created a warm, welcoming environment for each of its guests. It is an unconventional blend of a casual and friendly atmosphere amidst an elegant, chic d Read more

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Dec 10, 2018  Photo by Ed Gunts. Grand Central, Baltimores largest LGBTQfriendly nightclub and a fixture on Charles Street for the past 15 years, will change hands early in 2019, current owner grand central miami owner According to Whois record of it is owned by Marco Smith of Grand Central Miami News since 2017. Grandcentralmiami was registered with GoDaddy. com LLC on March 09, 2010. Marco Smith resides in Miami, USA and their email is Nov 01, 2017 Grand Central Market sold, new owner plans a facelift [Curbed 20 a Day in Downtown's Grand Central Market: Pupusa, Burger, and Wonton Soup [ELA China Cafe Is Secretly Grand Central Market's Grand Central's origins go back to September 12th, 1991, when owner Don Davis purchased a historic Baltimore Townhouse and opened Central Station Pub. Sep 03, 2015  But now, sadly, Grand Central has announced it will close September 26. In a statement to New Times, Aramis Lorie, cofounder of Poplife and coowner of Grand Central

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